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Give your child a better life

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Give your teenager the skills they need to succeed with money and life.​

  • Prepares your child to enter the real world with confidence so you don't have to worry about them and you'll sleep better at night
  • Teaches them everything about money that schools don't to make your kids wise beyond their years—and peers—when it comes to money which means the will get out on their own faster (which saves you money!)
  • Engaging videos they can watch on their own so you don't have to be intimidated about teaching complicated and confusing stuff most adults don't even know.
Personal finance courses for teens

KIDZ Money

Have great conversations with your kids about money and be the envy of other parents.

  • Gives your kids ages 7-12 the help they need to become better with money now and for the rest of their lives.
  • Fun, engaging, and will jumpstart your conversations at home about money
  • Help your kids think differently about money which will change their future
Money lessons for elementary school children

Money A to Z

Good money habits start early

  • The stuff kids ages 3-6 need to know so they can start on the path to success in life
  • Start building good money habits now and your kids won't nag you later to buy them everything at the store.
  • What every parent needs to help their child grow and become money smart
Money lessons for preschool children
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